COVID-19 AI-powered dashboard for sentiment and opinion mining in social media platforms

This Scottish government-funded project is an initiative to understand the impact of newly introduced public health policies in response to COVID-19 on people’s daily lives. We are using social media to identify public sentiment instantaneously, which can be subsequently considered in the decision-making process of policymakers. The aim is to provide an additional support tool for the development of future policies as well as to provide feedback on current policies to help people during this challenging time.

Our web-based dashboard uses AI to identify the public coping with the health and social policy impacts related to the pandemic, and let policymakers, public health experts, and clinical practitioners get continuous insights into the public’s response. We are interested in providing the most up-to-the-minute reflection of evolving COVID-19 trends on social media platforms, such as public sentiment and attitudes towards, e.g. social distancing, travel restrictions, lockdown and other public health policies.

The dashboard provides a valuable resource to support better decision making and shorten the reaction time in the current public health crises. We are working with politicians, clinicians and end users through a comprehensive consultation process to make sure we are using public data in the most socially responsible and effective way.

Our Sources

We are collecting data from public social media sources such as:

We are using the Crowdtangle platform to collect Facebook data.

Our Partners

CrowdTangle Chief Scientist Officer Scottish Government